H265 Non-playable... Slow playback from BD quality h264

Not entirely sure if the issues are related or not ~ tried to play an H265 video earlier, it played the audio but the video was frozen…

The second video is h264 but it’s a 5 gig file ~ Both of them play fine on my PC… This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues like this with h265 or large files…

https://paste.osmc.tv/ekubaxigin Vero4K log

http://paste.osmc.io/igaxewidep.coffee h265 MediaInfo log

http://paste.osmc.io/seheguvoqu.vhdl BD H264 FLAC

Thanks for any help in advance~

The second file is High 10@L4.1 which can not be decoded in Hardware and therefore you most likely get problems (which the PC most likely just overcome with a big amount of CPU power).
Generally most of the encoding profiles used in the Anime scene are know to be problematic

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Can you try play the HEVC file locally?

The H.265 clip has HEVC conformance errors. That may be what is causing the playback issues.

It looks like this may have something to do with S905X decoder (error tolerance?). The clip plays fine on the nVIDIA Shield and on Minix U9-H. On Vero4K, Mi Box 3 and another S905X with LE, the playback stalls frequently while the audio continues.

I remember a similar problem reported on Minix forums and it was fixed in a later firmware update This was actually for their S905 box (U1) - MinixForum.com is for sale | HugeDomains - playback error for Dragon Ball Super which is another Anime.