Happy Easter from OSMC

The OSMC Team would like to wish you a Happy Easter. We hope that you are enjoying a few days off resting and also catching up on a few TV shows with OSMC!

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Happy Eastern from me too,

let me say thank you to you Sam, and your whole Team, for this lovely peace of Software you share with us. Thanks for your open ears for suggestions and your impressiv work on OSMC to keep it stable and better and better.

So Happy Eastern from me and my hope for all of you that everyone find his part of leisure across the long weekend.


Hi everybody,

Unfortunately our Easter was not so fine. Through my own fault, I first fried my Pioneer VSX-920 AVR. Therefore, the HDMI part of the LG TV got broken. Then I closed the disaster with the RPi2 analog to the TV with a Big Beng… the RPi2 and SD 32GB card with OSMC broken… :frowning:

As at the moment a second-hand Zotac ID-40 Plus via eBay was cheaper than any other RPi2 or Rpi3, I bought one. So unfortunately I’m going to leave the OSMC platform for a while :frowning:
Now, it’s gone be Ubuntu 14.4 LTS and Kodi 16.1 on the Zotac-Box.

I would like to thank the whole team for their wonderful OSMC project. I unfortunately could enjoy it just for a few months! But I enjoyed it very much!!!

I remain a member of the forum and stay reading! It will not be much later this year that I’ll buy a RPi3 with OSMC for our little old VW-T3 Camper … :slight_smile:

Joep’s Eastern and law of Murphy :smirk:

(Written in Dutch by Google Translate to English/Edited by myself :slight_smile: )

Sorry to hear about the Amp

Come back when we have an x64 build of OSMC :slight_smile:

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Happy Easter guys!

Btw, can you please look at this issue — use system audio mode request instead of power on to start AVR reliable by gdachs · Pull Request #208 · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub
Can you include this build of libcec to the new release? Powering off-on my AVR every time i switches to RPi is really annoying.


This has already been added to OSMC:

Nice. Thanks!

The vero 2 has made Easter TV thankyou! Any update on the android image release per chance?

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