Happy New Year from OSMC

We want to wish all of our users a Happy New Year and thank them for their support of the OSMC project.

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Happy new year everyone!
This is gonna be a good one :slight_smile:

A fantastic 2017 for all of you! May it bring you good health, happiness and the wisdom to do good for the world around you!

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Happy New Year to all off you. Hopefully there will be an Odroid Release :grin: … Raspberry had missed the x265 support so i had to switch to Libreelec, but will be back asap

There will not…

But maybe Raspberry will bring an RPi 4 soon cause they loose customers who will Playback x265 Videos and as far as i know there is no alternative on OSMC with gpio pins.

x265 is far from being a mature, default encode across the board. The odroid will be irrelevant by the time x265 has become the mainstream.

There is supported for acceleration of parts of HEVC content on Raspberry Pi. Since the last couple of months, more H265 content is now playable on Raspberry Pi.

However both Raspberry Pi and ODroid devices cannot play back 10-bit HEVC properly, as the SoC does not support this completely.

If you want to play H265 you should try with the latest version of OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3.
If you want to play 10-bit H265 you should consider a Vero device in the near future.