Hardware H264 Fails on Vero3_20210808 Image

I have a Vero 4K that, apart from streaming, I use to watch for the postman via CCTV. When streaming from a HikVision camera with hardware H264 enabled, the image will go black a few seconds after the stream starts.

I went through most of the older images in the downloads section and images vero3_20191118 through to vero3_20201227 stream fine with hardware H264 enabled, so this seems to be a bug with the latest software.

I am using an RTSP stream and have tested the output on an HDMI monitor and an LG 4K TV at various resolutions and frame rates with the same result.

HikVision has a proprietary version of H264 that you might have enabled by default. This isn’t in spec with the H264 standard and seems to only work well with their player.

They call this ‘H264+’.

You will want to disable this for it to work reliably on other devices.

This is not enabled, which would be obvious by the stream working on versions prior to the latest image.

There’s some further discussion on this here: Corrupt Stream from IP Cameras (h264) with Hikvision NVR

I’d suggest uploading a sample then