Hardware issue?


I bought a Vero 4K less than a year ago, and it’s now unusable.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Updating the Vero via SSH as it’s nearly impossible to navigate the interface
  • Using a different TV
  • Using a different PSU
  • Using a different HDMI cable

Problem remains. Besides the obvious image anomaly you can see on the pictures, I can also state the video is stuttering horribly when playing any movie on the device.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

What does it look like upon rebooting, interesting to see what the start-up screens look like.

Fresh install might also be an idea.

Start-up screen is also weird, with the OSMC logo being black instead of the usual white.

Have you sent an email to support@osmc.tv yet? @sam_nazarko is usually quite responsive to hardware defect issues from what I understand.

Indeed. Please open a support ticket so we can look in to this.

If it’s encountered a fault within less than a year you will be completely covered by the international warranty.


Just created a ticket. Thanks!

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Thanks — I’ll pick it up tonight and we can run through a few things first.