Hardware-Keyboard change (-->DE QWERTY) is not working


i´m using OSMC on my RPi2.
It works very well, except for a large probobem!
If I change the Kodi keyboard layout in the settings (to DE QWERTY) the layout of the screen keyboard changed as desired, but not the layout of my hardware keyboard (USB).
Also change the layout at
sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
are not working.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance

Assume this is the same topic, or?

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From there:

OK: this issue is now resolved, at least for me.
Thanks to Xavgra2 I was able to add a couple of packages that take care of the console configuration, rather than just KODI.

I did this:
apt-get install console-data
apt-get install console-setup
Then I configured the console using the newly installed package:
dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Hey presto, that resolves the problem. From the previous discussion of about eight months ago, it seems that these two packages may well be required to allow proper configuration of the console keyboard.

Kenneth Spencer

And don’t touch keymap!!!