Hardware reaching end of life or troubleshooting possible?

Some background first. The Vero4K+ is from 2019 so the warranty has long expired. It has served me well for the majority of the time since then, with this problem sneaking in around the time Kodi 19 was released. That was the first time the device would crash and be totally unresponsive and the power had to be pulled to restart.

Back then some reports about kernel issues were reported that were fixed, so I didn’t pay too much attention to this anymore as the issue would only occur after a system update.

After letting the Vero reboot automatically, starting the first video playback would crash the Vero.

Fast forward to today where the device is not even booting anymore after several attempts. With each day the crashes increase in frequence. For the last few days debug logging was turned on in an attempt to catch any error, with no real clue there. I will include the logs I was able to get.

My observations and steps taken so far:

  • No crashes when sitting at idle
  • Operating within normal temperatures at all times (60°C idle / 70°C max under load)
  • Crashes can not be replicated, but when they happen it’s when starting or stopping playback of either an audio, video file, or stream
  • New install with the 2023.08-1 release

My unqualified assumption is that the internal storage of the Vero is slowly failing.

Kernel log: https://paste.osmc.tv/usijazozil

A crash caught at the end of this log, the last lines were garbled though with no usable info

Debug log: https://paste.osmc.tv/ujihetekim.xml

Troubleshooting is probably a long shot.

Thanks in advance for any clues though.

Have you tried another power supply?


Not yet. The official power supply that came with the Vero is currently the only available to me.

The Wiki states that it should be possible to power by USB, I don’t have the right cable for that either though.

Are there recommended replacements I could test with? The store seems to only have Raspberry Pi PSUs.

You can grab them here;


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It indeed was a failing power supply. The Vero is running stable once again since replacing it. Thanks for the tip, based on the symptoms I’d not have guessed power to be the source of the problem.

Raspberry Pi has a feature that warns about potentially bad power supplies, with low voltage warnings. Would it be possible to implement such a check for OSMC and Vero?

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Unfortunately it’s not possible (we have no way to check this reliably) with current hardware implementation