Hardware Upgrades Ahead?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any improvements planned for the Vero 4k hardware-wise, one candidate is for instance the optical port…

I remember @sam_nazarko saying there weren’t any HW updates planned in the near future which I can understand; the box supports 4K, HD-audio, HDR so everything which is “mainstream” at the moment.

What improvement are you looking for (in the optical port)?

I’d like to see an improvement of the optical port; I somehow destroyed it without recognizing the 1st time I used it :frowning:

Did you try repairing it following my instructions? It was fairly simple and stable afterwards…

nope, not yet. It works somehow and I fear to destroy the port during repair :frowning:

I can’t guarantee anything, but from my experience, the port should be the last thing you can destroy during the repair process. More likely you could break the new flap :man_shrugging:t2: But it’s up to you…
The reports of the flap breaking are very rare and, TBH, it was not “normal” use which broke it, but some stupidity on my side. :rofl: Under normal use it should be quite fine.

The door is pretty strong – as long as you remove it at a straight angle and not diagonally it will not break.