Harmony 350 vero 4k setup

so i have brought a harmony 350 remote and am setting it up on my vero 4k, i tried using the vero 4k option in the harmony setup wizard but some of the keys were wrong so i switched to the xbox 360 remote on both and it works great, the only issue i have is there is no home button and the off button powers off and dosent bring up the off menu. what i want to do is change the off button to bring up the power menu and also add a home button. i have a sumsung s6 with ir bulit in so i have setup the remote on that my plan is to use one of the comands on that that dose nothin and set it to bring me to home menu. you can learn a button by pointing it at the bottom of my harmony so thats no issue on the on harmony side i just need to know how to eddit the remote config or how to build a whole new congig using IRRECORD function but cant find a guide to help me do this can anyone point me in the right dirction?
Thanks and sorry if i shouldnt have started a new thread but i couldnt find one that matche my problem that closely