Harmony and TSOP

I had problems using my harmony in osmc set up as an MCE remote (covered in a different thread). Based on the recommendations in that thread I purchased a TSOP adapter. What is the easiest/best way to set it up? I have experience setting up the harmony as both an MCE keyboard (in the harmony software) and with flirc. I’d prefer to set up as an MCE keyboard if that will work. Some advice would be appreciated (hoping to avoid spending the time doing that if it won’t work). Thanks in advance!

Set it up as an MCE remote NOT as an MCE keyboard There were problems with MCE keyboard, I’m not sure if it was ever fixed

Like Dilligaf says, use MCE Remote, then select rc6-mce-lircd in your OSMC settings app. This works fine on my setup with Harmony One and GPIO.

If you’re using Harmony Ultimate/touch etc. with the new MyHarmony software, you may notice that MCE Remote is not available as a device to add. For that one I use Microsoft Media Center Extender, with the caveat that it always sends two extra button presses on starting the activity, which lands you inside the first directory… Grrrr! I guess because it was designed for windows, not the always on Pi.

@quattro: I had the same problem with my Harmony 650 and solved it by selecting “always on” for Media Center in the Harmony setup program.