Harmony Companion - Keyboard not connected

Hi there,
I followed every details on the multiple thread about this topic, and I couldn’t get my vero 4k connecting and recognizing the Harmony Companion as a keyboard I set up both ways :

  • Manufacturer : Microsoft + Device Model Number : Kodi
  • Manufacturer : OSMC+ Device Model Number : Vero 4k
    Any help is welcome
    Thanks, Fab

Did you try this guide, and if so where did you get hung up?

HI, I stuck at the Bluetooth step. The Harmony keyboard never showed up as remote in My OSMC.
A few points here :

  • I don’t use Harmony on my PC, but on my Android Device.
  • I don’t receive a message saying ‘This Harmony Remote is unable to control this device’
  • Neither Does this match the model number on your device?
    Can you validate also which type of the 3 devices I have to choose. FYI, I’ll choose Multimedia

This is the one you want.
Try going into the Device itself in your app/remote, then your hub should go into pairing mode (I think, it’s ages since I did it!)

Hello there,
Does anyone have any tips and tricks regarding the setup of the harmony remote?
As written here under, I’m stuck quite early in the whole process
Any help is appreciated

What do you mean with “try going into the Device itself in your app/remote”?