Harmony Elite Bluetooth Key Settings

Hi folks,

I recently got a Vero 4K+ and I’ve paired it to my Harmony Elite using Bluetooth, which seems to work fairly well.

I’m trying to fine tune the key mappings on a few things to do what I want.

Is there a Windows key mapping for Suspend? I’d like to suspend the device when I switch everything on, and wake it up when I switch to it.

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Most likely Keymap Editor will enable you to do what you want.

This sounds confusing, why would you want to suspend the device when you switch everything on?
Or you mean when you switch everything off?

I have configured (CEC setting) that the Vero goes to Suspend when I switch off the TV. It will come out of suspend as soon as you press any remote button.

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Gah, I got that backward, I meant I want to suspend it when I switch everything off.

Than try Settings - System - Input - Peripherals - CEC Adapter - “When the TV is switched off - Suspend”

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That did the trick, thanks!

FWIW, it’d be nice if the “when switch to another input” also had a ‘Suspend’ option. But TV off works well enough.

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