Harmony Remote (Bluetooth via Hub) problem

Whenever I start my Harmony Vero4k activity (involving my Tv, Avr and the Vero 4k), the Vero 4k is not responding for 5 seconds or so to any commands from the harmony remote. Happens only after the Vero 4k was not in use for quite some time. If I end my Vero harmony activity and restart it immediately, the Vero 4k immediately reacts to the remote control… so something happens when the Vero 4k is not in use for some time.

Is there some kind of standby for bluetooth? Or is the pairing just so slow? It is a bit annoying to start the activity, the TV and AVR start, you see Kodi and you can not do anything but you have to wait 5 seconds.

I have the Hub paired as Harmony Keyboard in the bluetooth settings under my osmc.

Do I miss something? Anything I can do to have the remote available more quickly?

It probably takes a few seconds for repairing. This is unfortunately a limitation of BT.

I assume your Harmony can also do IR.

This would be better if you have LOS or use the extender.

I didn’t have the issue under android on the shield tv, so I am a bit surprised. Going back to IR feels wrong somehow, also because LOS is a problem.

Everything is fine with the Vero 4k so far except this issue. Maybe there is a workaround to keep the pairing active? I mean it seems to remain active for some time because when I end / restart the activity without a pause, the Vero reacts to the remote immediately. No idea yet how long this period is but at some point, something happens.

Logs might give clues, but Vero 4K’s BT shouldn’t be causing this. It’s more likely that the device will standby.

I understand you don’t want to fall back to IR, but there are a lot of Harmony users on Vero 4K and IIRC you are the only other one controlling the device with BT.

Seems similar to HowTo - Reenable and pair to a Bluetooth Device automatically.

I will give IR a try… I am not per se against IR, I can get a decent LOS with a smaller adjustment… actually I only started to use bluetooth because the shield tv had such sluggish IR behavior… so when I migrated to the Vero, I continued to use bluetooth.

Got you. The IR extender is rather sensitive, and still lets you hide your device.

I figured it out. If I use any other harmony activity that requires bluetooth for a different device or if the harmony hub is updated (by changing activities), re-pairing between the hub and the Vero will be required. If I don’t do either, the Vero 4k will actually respond immediately.

Since I am going to kick out the shield tv (my only other device that is controlled via bluetooth by the harmony hub) from my setup, the issue will solve itself. I simply thought the Vero would lose pairing after some time idle because I either updated the activity in the hub or used the shield… something that of course happens alot during the migration period during the first day, always tinkering with the settings and comparing with the former Kodi box. So the Vero was not to blame… though pairing - if required - is rather slow. The key is not having the hub and the Vero to re-pair.

I also tried IR but I didn’t like it. Bluetooth was more responsive and I am very sensitive with that,