Harmony remote not working all of a sudden

I use a harmony remote with a flirc remote control receiver on a pi using OSMC. I’ve been using this for several years and it works well. All of a sudden, it stopped working. Actually, it will work with one press every 20 presses or so.

The remote works with other items connected via HDMI to my receiver, including a pi3 running an older version of OSMC. No problem with any of those.

Perhaps it’s a mechanical issue but I figured I’d check to see if you find anything in the slightly edited logs that might help. While doing the log, I simply pressed several different buttons on the Harmony remote. I believe one or two of those presses did work.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.


Have you tried plugging a normal keyboard into your RPi and see if it is doing the same thing and/or plugged your FLIRC USB into a PC to make sure it is working normally there?