Harmony Smart Keyboard with Raspberry Pi 3?

Hey there, anyone able to link a Logitech Harmony Smart Hub with the keyboard or remote to their OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3? Logitech only includes setup documentation for Kodi running on a Mac or PC. RPi 3 has bluetooth and I can get it into discovery mode but no idea how to pair it with the Harmony Hub. Thanks!

Some news about that mentioned topic?

Also bought an Harmony Hub and an Harmony Ultimate and want to control OSMC…

I am wondering about this too. I bought the OSMC bluetooth dongle (not sure if I really needed it or not) but now have the harmony hub and OSMC paired, but the remote still wont work. Anyone have any ideas?

Hate to re-up the same thread, but I too am having problems with Harmony Hub and OSMC running on a Pi 3.

I turned on Bluetooth, set up a new device in Harmony with Microsoft and Kodi, and got it paired. But none of keys work, either through the Harmony software or the remote.