Has anyone else's clock gone fast? (34 minutes off to be exact)

So I wonder if the backup program is responsible, but I backed up my pi on alpha 4, then installed RC. While the initial osmc splash screen is a scrambled mess, that only lasts 2 seconds, so I don’t worry.

Then I look at the clock, and it was 10:35 pm, but looking at my cellphone it was 10:01pm… I thought about time zones, but then it would be off by whole hours… could there be something interfering with the clock time that it shows fast on the home screen?

What time zone are you in ? Have you checked your time zone settings in Appearance->International ?

Do you have a working internet connection on the Pi ?

As long as you have the correct time zone configured and it can connect to the internet to update the time (remember the Pi has no real time clock) there is no reason why the time wouldn’t be correct…

I am EST, Maryland to be exact. That’s the thing, it’s not an hour off, or 5 hours off. it’s ~34 minutes off… I watched some episodes through it last night, so I know my internet’s good. I fear it is due to me restoring the backup to bring my settings from alpha 4 to RC…

Restoring a backup shouldn’t cause a problem.

Did you double check the time zone in in Kodi as I suggested ?

What do you get if you type ‘date’ via an SSH login - is the time and timezone correct ?

I am backing everything up, when it’s back up and running I will confirm