Has anyone made the KODI HDHomerun app work yet?

HDHomerun app Version 2017.1.2 on a pi2 and latest stable release of OSMC. I installed the app no problem from repository. It crashed on 1st run with unhappy face. After restart, I started it up and it configured itself and seemed to find my HDHomerun tuners but it failed to play video with this error message. “Failed to play channel. Maybe all tuners are in use?” My Hdhomerun tuners work fine on my pc and plex. I looked at settings for the app itself and tried to adjust the trans-coding options. Is it Possible the Pi2 does not have enough power to run this app?
Thanks !

I was able to make the HDHomerun PVR client run. HDhomerun app does not. The PVR client runs fine for viewing live tv channels and integrates well with Kodi. I am happy with this, but there is no DVR options with this client. I do not need the DVR functions.

I have no problem with HDhomerun client from Zoltan running on Kodi 17 on Kodi 16 I had studdering issues on certain HD channels.

As for PVR ummm your options are NEXTpvr or Microsoft Media Center which is what I use on Windows 7