has anyone tried either of these cheap amazon remotes?



according to one comment, the first remote’s ‘back’ button sends the ‘escape’ key character, which doesn’t work with kodi. however, i was thinking that on osmc, i could manually edit a config file to fix that, right?

Do a search for “MCE remote control” on Amazon and you’ll find some priced less than $20 that have a lot more buttons and work great with Kodi/OSMC.

thanks but it’s for my mom/grandma, they don’t want a lot of buttons anyway

How about the OSMC remote?

too expensive. check out the ones i linked to?

The first USB remote won’t have fully functional keys (it’s cheap for a reason) and the second remote is an IR remote by the looks of it, so you’d need a TSOP and would have limited range.

The OSMC remote costs a bit more but that’s because it just works.

i tested the first one and not all of the keys work under osmc, it does work in libreelec though and requires some key mapping. the osmc remote will work straight out the box and it also feels a lot more robust worth the extra money in my opinion

isn’t “it just works” mac’s slogan?

Anything can be made to work: it just depends how much time you want to invest in it.