Hauppage lirc conf file incorrect

OK, so this is definitely not a OSMC issue, but reporting it here might help some OSMC users.

In /etc/lirc/hauppage45-pvr350-lircd.conf, there are two lines that generate KEY_BACK. The first is correct, and is the “Back” button. The second should read:

     KEY_PREVIOUS                 0x17A4

This is for the button marked “Replay” on the remote (below the Rewind button and to the left of the Pause).

Thanks for the info. You might want to add details of the hardware that this applies to, so that it will be more easily searchable.

AFAIK, it’s just the Hauppauge PVR350 remote. It was a fairly popular capture card for OTA HDTV, but now so many other things do it so much better, without requiring a PC (like HD HomeRun), so there are a lot of these remotes out there.

Ah, I noticed the lirc config file name for it is misspelled. So, this post should correct that.

You can edit the original post.

We would be willing to accept a PR to change the behaviour, if such a change is universally beneficial.



After looking at the file, there were several more problems (like the KEY_PREVIOUS was assigned to the “Prev Ch” button).

I have a fixed version that has all the same functionality as before using default Lircmap.xml and remote.xml keymap.

Here’s a picture with the new lirc key codes:

How can I upload the new conf file?