Have I Vero 4K or Vero 4K +?


in 2017 I have buy a Vero 4K but i don’t remember if it’s a Vero 4K or a Vero 4K+

How check it ?


Thought the + only been out for a few months…

You probably have a 4K.

You can verify your model under Settings -> System Info. It will either show 4K or 4K+ as the hardware revision.


A Vero 4K ++ is planned ?

That would be far too confusing!

In all seriousness, we’re always working on new products, but there’s nothing in the pipeline yet. The 4K + has only been on the market for a few months.


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No problem, I don’t want buy a Vero 4K + tomorrow if a 4K ++ arrived next week :smiley:

I go search differences between the both devices and wait OSMC 18.1 for buy a new one, very good product Sam, congratulation :wink:


Hi Sam,

how many time to receive the new Vero ?


If you’ve already ordered, let me know the order number and I can advise.

We don’t have a backlog currently, so everything is shipped smoothly on schedule.

Edit: I can see your order has shipped today. You will receive tracking details shortly when the item tracks.


tks Sam :wink:

I have received my new Vero, thanks for all, you can push OSMC 18 now :smiley: