Having not to select the volume bars in the current playing audio settings

I’m not quite sure how to explain this properly but when playing a video, movie or TV Serie you can open the OSD and go to the audio icon and change the volume amplification and the current volume. Before Kodi 17 you didn’t have to press select to make the bars change but you have to now.

I’m not sure if this is a Kodi thing or OSMC thing but if it’s possible to fix please do.

If it can’t be fixed on OSMCs side it would be help full if it’s possible to change so that it changes color when selected.

Can you show a picture / video of what you mean?

EDIT: do you mean that you now have to press OK before you can adjust volume?

Sounds a bit like @harryberlin’s report.


since kodi 17 you have to enable sliders before moving.
but my topic is an other as yours.
i like it to enable before moving. but the moving should be possible for other all nav directions.

i don’t know if it is possible without activation. but the MusicOSD.xml track seek slider works without enabling, on confluence.

@sam_nazarko Can’t post a video, bad internet. But to try to explain further, if you start a video and go to “Audio and subtitle settings” you can see the Volume slider and the Volume amplification slider. You have to click OK on it before actually being able to adjust the sliders, when you have clicked OK nothing changes graphically but you can slide the sliders. If you don’t click OK and try to slide the sliders you will jump down to the Close button.

@harryberlin That’s a bummer that they made it like that.

since kodi 17 the sliders support a highlight texture, to be informed about the activation state.
and yes, if you use a horizontal slider you can left them with up and down. that’s bad.
but this could be solved with a patch, too. just ignore the orientation and don’t return an action.

If it’s a kodi issue I hardly think they will patch it if they introduced it in 17. OSMC should get an update to show the highlight texture.

i mean in osmc skin there is no slider texture.
i only can see the number beside the slider.

checked the defaults.xml. there are missing some textures:

these are the estuary sliders:

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Good find @harryberlin :smiley:

Is there any possibility for this to be added @sam_nazarko? I’m not sure if you are the one maintaining the skin but at least you know of this now ^^

i can try to add the textures from old osmc skin. and create a new texture for highlight.

the old files exist.

these edits in Default.xml works.

<default type="sliderex"><width>183</width><height>66</height><textoffsetx>7</textoffsetx><aligny>center</aligny><sliderwidth>230</sliderwidth><sliderheight>23</sliderheight><texturesliderbar>osd/OSDSliderBack.png</texturesliderbar><textureslidernib colordiffuse="AAFFFFFF">osd/OSDSliderNib.png</textureslidernib><textureslidernibfocus>osd/OSDSliderNib.png</textureslidernibfocus><font>Font33</font><textcolor>DialogColor2</textcolor><focusedcolor>DialogColor1</focusedcolor><disabledcolor>$VAR[DisabledColor]</disabledcolor></default>

<default type="slider"><texturesliderbar border="10">osd/OSDSliderBack.png</texturesliderbar><textureslidernib colordiffuse="AAFFFFFF">osd/OSDSliderNib.png</textureslidernib><textureslidernibfocus>osd/OSDSliderNib.png</textureslidernibfocus><orientation>horizontal</orientation></default>

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