Having trouble using Netflix with Vero 2

I would like to know how you guys use Netflix on Android with the Vero 2? I got it installed eventually, which was a major hassle and definitly not for your average consumer.

Now I have it, but the remote that comes with the Vero doesn’t work well with it at all. You can browse what Netflix shows you when you log in, but searching for series or accessing the menu is impossible.

There also doesn’t seem to be an app for Android that I can use to easily control the Android running on Vero 2.

You should just be able to install the APK file and it should work.

That’s a limitation of the Netflix application itself; it doesn’t work 100% with a remote control. You can either use a keyboard, or as you suggested use an App to control Android. An app such as RemoDroid will probably do the trick, and should also let you see the screen of the Vero on your phone.


RemoDroid is not available on iOS it seems. I have found Teamviewer host for the vero, but you can only control that from a PC or Mac browser, not the mobile App.

I tried Android remote, which seems like it would be ideal, but the Vero is not detected as an Android TV device.

So far there are no good options. I’ll probebly have to purchase an air mouse or something, so I can control the thing from the bed. I’m not really sitting at a desk while watching TV.