HD audio connections

I am running my third Vero and I am really happy with it. Essentially, I am using it for music (classical) listening and watching (either concert videos or streamings from internet). My goal is getting the best sound possible. I am suscriber to Berliner Philarmoniker digital concert hall, and I get their concerts through an ethernet connection to the web. The digital concert hall is emitting in high quality (video 4K and audio 48kHz/24 bit AAC) and I am watching it in a last generation LG Oled Smart TV 55". Sound is send back via Toslink connection to my external DAC. In order to improve sound (I am not sure about that) I would like to get the stream (the audio of it at least) on the Vero (ethernet connection) and then have it directly sent to my DAC. I am attaching a drawing of my connections. If someone can give some help I would be very happy. I am not an experienced on multimedia electronics. Thanks
Audio Paths

If there is no Kodi addon to access the stream from the ethernet, then there is no way to route the audio from an incoming web stream to the Vero.

It’s clear. Thank you very much and have best Christmas Holidays possible !!

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