HD Audio on unsupported player

On my Odroid C2 I was able to Direct Play (using Plex) files with various high definition audio technologies even though my player didn’t support it. I assume what it did is just strip the additional information or convert it down? Anyway, my question is whether it is the same with the Vero 4k+ or not? E.g. am I able to Direct Play say Dolby TrueHD even though my TV/AV setup doesn’t support that?
I know that I obviously won’t get additional quality, all I want is that it can Direct Play files without needing the Plex server to resort to Direct Stream or even transcoding.

Thank you

EDIT: TV is UE55NU7170UXZG, will probably directly connect the Vero 4k+ with HDMI.

Yes, OSMC on Vero will behave in the same way.

Thanks! Do you by any chance know what exactly it’s doing or where I could read up on that?

TrueHD and other HD audio formats still always provide a “core” track which is what will be used if the V4k or any of your other devices do not support said format explicitly.

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I see, thank you.

Not sure that’s true of TrueHD, certainly is for DTS-MA HD. TrueHD just comes up as unsupported for me. I always make sure I rip the associated DD track with TrueHD whereas with DTS-MA HD you can just keep that as it already contains the DTS core.

IIRC, DD+ does not have a DD core, but TrueHD may have a DD core. Typically, there are separate tracks for Dolby non-HD and HD audio.

For a more detailed explanation have a look here under “Which passthrough formats are supported by OSMC devices (not all are supported by all devices) and which of them can be passed through via S/PDIF or HDMI?”: Audio setup and information

It seems BR players will treat the separate TrueHD track and DD track as a single entity and decode the one it supports, however for all intents and purposes they are separate tracks, so you can try and stream a TrueHD track to a receiver that can’t decode it as there is nothing it recognises it. DTS-MA HD has extensions on the core track to enable the lossless part to be recognised/decoded which is why the core track is always decodable by DTS lossy decoders.

My Oppo BDP-93 would report unsupported media stream for TrueHD whereas DTS-MA HD it’ll recognise the DTS core.

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