HD mount problem after upgrade to new OSMC


This morning I update OSMC to new update. I want to submit to this community a problem I experienced today (this is not first time). I have my WD 1 Terabyte HD mounted under /media/KODI.
I started KODI this morning and saw the update message, so I decided to update it.
After upgrade the OSMC system crashed.
After reboot I had few new Movies and I decided to scrapes the title and fanart with MovieDB plugin.
I started the Update library but this ended quickly.
Looking at kodi.log I noticed that my movie folder was not reachable anymore.
So I checked the filesystem and I noticed that my HD was mounted under /media/KODI_ and /media/KODI was empty obviously.

My fix was to umount /media/KODI_, immediately the folder itself was removed and I removed the /media/KODI folder so that next restart the OSMC automatic remount created it again (I already did it in the past). This fix solved the problem.

The question is: why this occurred? Is this a scenario not covered by OSMC tests?

I am not waiting for an answer, for me is ok my fix. This message is just to let the community aware of this problem I found.

Are you mounting with fstab into /media?

Did you read the README there?

I didn’t check fstab, however I didn’t configure it. KODI by default mounted it for me (I never understand how it detect the HD and decide to mount it). Is there any doc?

However, the problem is clear here. When system crashed the /media/KODI folder was not removed. Next reboot KODI found it and decided to create a new one. Obviously all my configurations pointing to /media/KODI didn’t work anymore.
Is there a way when a crash occurs to safely release all resources allocated by KODI/OSMC?

OSMC uses the label of the partition to name the directory where there disk is mounted

During every reboot the /media folder is cleared unless a keepme file is found. So your problem might have been that the disk might have become disconnected while the folder was looked by Kodi. But a reboot should have fixed it.

Ok thx