HDD connection to Vero 4k+ - usb2 or ethernet?

I have a new Vero today and I can’t work out if it’s best to connect a USB HDD direct to the Vero, which is USB 2, or via my Synology NAS which has Gigabit ethernet and a USB 3 connection.

I’ll be transferring files to it from other devices, from time to time, and might even want to play them on another device over my network.

Which is best and why, please? I’d have thought USB 3 over the network was faster, as usb2 would be a bottleneck (for transfers and network access) but I don’t know if I’m missing some sort of overhead.



Using the NAS would be the better way to go. The USB2 on the Vero would be a bottleneck.

The best way (at least for the Vero) would be to use NFS to access the drive as SMB is slower. The Synology should support NFS.

You could also still use SMB from other systems (Windows, Mac) to add content to the drive.

Awesome. Thank you for the advice and for being so quick!

No problem.
One other suggestion would be to use fstab or autofs to mount the drive instead of using Kodi mounts as the system mounts (fstab, autofs) will perform much better.