HDD external

Hi all,
My name is Salvatore from Italy and this is my 2nd post on this forum. I know that external HDD + Raspberry is an argument discussed over and over again. The problem is that I read lot of documentation but I still have doubts. My goal with this thread is to have a suggestion on exact product to buy if possible.

I have my Raspberry PI 2 Model B with the following components attached to USB:

  1. IRC to receive commands from a remote control
  2. TP Link WN725N

I am evaluating to buy an external HDD and I noticed this product:

First question: this HDD is USB 3.0, is it compatible with my Raspberry?

I know there are power issue with external HDD so lot of people suggest Power Hub but it’s not clear to me which one is a good product to buy and more important how to connect HDD + Raspberry + Power Hub + Power Supply. I saw lot of schema on web but they are very confusing. Can you suggest to me a good Power Hub that allow to me to power Raspberry + HDD + Wireless dongle + IRC receiver?

Currently I have a Samsung connector 5B 2A and tried to connect an external HDD that a friend of mine borrowed me but red led started to blink and OSMC frozen. I also set also in /boot/config.txt max_usb_current = 1. So this confirmed to me that I need to power the whole system in different way.

Can you tell me if there is a good enclosure where I can put Rasperry + HDD? I saw the WD PIdrive kit of Western Digital that is fantastic but the problem is that WD ships only is USA and UK (not in Italy).
Thanks in advance for your help.

So yes it’s compatible, it will just only run at USB 2.0 speeds. I believe the Rpi2, can’t be back powered like previous models, due to a new power regulator that was needed to clean up audio on 3.5mm. As always just get a good supply for your RPi2. I’ve heard good things about the Plusberrpi: Redirecting...

Hi Thanks for reply.
I heard about Plusberri but sometime shipping in Italy not always is support. Anything else?
Can you put here a link to a good Power Hub on Amazon?