HDD not available since last OSMC update


Since I installed the last OSMC update, my HDD is no longer available in the menus to play any music or whatever.

If I reboot the Pi on Raspbian, the HDD is correctly mounted on /media/pi/SAMSUNG, I can access to any file on the HDD.

The logs are here :

The HDD seems to be detected.

Thanks for any help !

Please post a full set of logs.
There was a fix for this, but without full logs it’s hard to see whether you received the fix and whether the problem is still outstanding.

Try checking for OSMC Updates again first.

See Keeping your OSMC system up to date - General - OSMC

OK, it works perfectly with the update, sorry, many thanks !


Nothing to be sorry about. Thanks for confirming this.

had the same issue, thanks for the info all back up and running (and stopped my nine y/o complaining!)