HDD not sleeping even after suspend

Hi. Shouldn’t the Vero put the HDD to sleep after 15 minutes after going on suspend? Using the 2019.05-1 update. Worried because my cables are hot.

I would check for any addons that may be accessing the drive.

The USB cable? Something does not sound right at all. I’ve never felt a hot USB cable.

I’ll do that. Thanks, @bmillham!

No 3rd party add ons. Just what’s in the default of Vero.

I’m wrong. Very sorry. I meant the connector is hot. Not the cable itself. I now think that sleep for hdd is working because hdd lags 1st time I use it after suspend. Is the connector being hot normal?

Yes, it is.

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Thanks @TheHacker66

Drives will spin down after:

  • 15 minutes of inactivity, if and only if the caddy supports the command we send to do this.
  • The disk is truly inactive, i.e. there are no open files


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Thanks , @sam_nazarko