HDHomeRun has stopped supporting KODI :(

Over at the HDHomerun Forum they said they dropped support with the addons !
My guide is still messing up and after a couple of TV shows I get the sad face .


Please ignore the “nfs/XBMC_3/Movies” Error I have disconnected that drive.
Hope someone can make heads or tails with the LOG.
So is KODI going to make a NEW HDHomeRun addon ?

not sure if it helps but i’ve had a very good run with TV Headend (available in OSMC app store) and the TVHE client, which is a Kodi add on with HD Homerun.

I think the secret sauce to using TVHE is getting the EPG data into the server; this varies from country to country. I used an internet hosted EPG as our over the air EPG appears to be encrypted / not usable. Cheers, Geoff.

I pay for EPG123 guide for Windows 7 with HDHomeRun $ 25 month with no issue.
I will look into the TV Headend. Just wish KODI would of stayed on top of Silicondust

Works flawlessly with MythTV and SchedulesDirect ($25/yr.) but strongly favors a LInux environment. I understand it will work with Windows, but I have no first-hand experience with that platform.

I recently picked up a HDHomeRun Flex 4K and the Zuki add-on is working perfectly for me. It does require a subscription to HDHomeRuns DVR service at $35 yr USD though. It is not official but it listed on their forum so not quite unapproved either.

I rather like that with a hard drive plugged into the box and the subscription the entire thing runs standalone without any PC or client device needing to be on for the DVR to do its thing. All timers and recording in Kodi are reflected in the official HDHomeRun app on iOS/Android/Win10/etc and vice versa.

Before I paid for the DVR service I did try out the HDHomeRun client that is installed (but disabled) in the beta OSMC Kodi v19 release. It seemed to work just fine but is lacking the ability to record and only has a days worth of guide data.

The Zuki add-on has to be installed via zip you grab from their github. The armhf version works for both the RPi’s and Vero 4K’s and can be found here…