HDHomeRun has stopped supporting KODI :(

Over at the HDHomerun Forum they said they dropped support with the addons !
My guide is still messing up and after a couple of TV shows I get the sad face .


Please ignore the “nfs/XBMC_3/Movies” Error I have disconnected that drive.
Hope someone can make heads or tails with the LOG.
So is KODI going to make a NEW HDHomeRun addon ?

not sure if it helps but i’ve had a very good run with TV Headend (available in OSMC app store) and the TVHE client, which is a Kodi add on with HD Homerun.

I think the secret sauce to using TVHE is getting the EPG data into the server; this varies from country to country. I used an internet hosted EPG as our over the air EPG appears to be encrypted / not usable. Cheers, Geoff.

I pay for EPG123 guide for Windows 7 with HDHomeRun $ 25 month with no issue.
I will look into the TV Headend. Just wish KODI would of stayed on top of Silicondust

Works flawlessly with MythTV and SchedulesDirect ($25/yr.) but strongly favors a LInux environment. I understand it will work with Windows, but I have no first-hand experience with that platform.