HDHomeRun,OSMC, and Kodi on RPi2/3

Continuing the discussion from Raspberry pi 3 and HDHomerun:

kbatzer - you indicated that you loaded “classic Kodi” on a pi3 - where did you down load that from?
Also, what version of HDHomeRun are you running?

Just download the OSMC image for the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 to an SD card and install on the pi.
Kodi is built-in to OSMC. on installation select either XBMC classic or OSMC. Either way you get KODI. Then in KODI, install the HDHomerun Add-on. This is a HDHomerun client.


Also, After installing OSMC, be sure to get the Serial Number of your pi. Then go and get the MPEG2 license and install it on the pi.