HDHomerun PVR Function

I am running OSMC on a RPi3. I have a HDHomerun Connect set up for live TV (OTA). I’d like to be able to use the PVR function and I’m willing to pay the annual subscription.

But as I read about it, it sounds like - in addition to the official Kodi addon - another piece of software is needed from the SiliconeDust website.

I am trying to minimize the number of devices and the tangle of power cords, etc, in my TV setup. Do I need a separate device to act as a backend? Or can I fit it all inside my RPi?

It depends on your region – it sounds like you might be in the US, so I think you’d need an ATSC tuner, which is hard to come by in USB form (I think).

I thought you can route the Homerun stream through TVHeadend and so use TVH’s PVR. Check out the TVH forum.


I am in the US. I tried using an ASTC USB dual tuner that apparently the drivers are not compatible with Kodi. So I switched to a HDHomerun Connect. It works well in it’s own video addon or as the tuner for the Live TV function on the main menu (Confluence). I was wondering if the PVR function for HDHomerun - which you need a paid subscription to use - works within the official Kodi addon or if I need a backend unit separate from the RPi.


I’ve tried setting up TVHeadend in Kodi and I THINK that I did it. But I get a “TVheadend TVSP Client not available” message every time I start up Kodi. And now it won’t let me sign in thru the interface. I may have to go back to square one with it, uninstalling and reinstalling it. Comments from others lead me to believe that I’m not the only one who finds TVH confusing to set up. So I feel a little less dumb about it. But not much… :pensive:

TVH is not the most intuitive of s/w but it has to deal with a wide range of different situations. I’m prety sure it’s possible to do what you want. You may get some pointers from the wiki (or howto?) on the Fritz! device which I think works in a similar way to the Homerun.