HDHomerun PVR

I’m sure that there is already a guide out there, but I can’t find it.

I am running OSMC on a RPi3. I am considering buying a HDHomerun Connect or Extend for OTA viewing and recording. I am aware of the official HDHomerun addon for watching live TV. I am interested in adding PVR function.

Everything I have found online is using a 3rd device as a backend for the PVR. Can’t I use my RPi3 as both the frontend and the backend of the PVR? I already have a 1.5TB external HD that I have used with RPi/Kodi before. I would rather keep it simple and self-contained to the RPi.

What you are looking for is called tvheadend. It can easily be installed from the MyOSMC app store and using the term tvheadend in a forum search will provide plenty of info on configuring once you have your hdhr.

Silicon Dust offers a PVR solution but it’s a subscription service currently around $60 a year, see their website

I’ve been using an HDHomeRun and a single RPi3 as both a backend and frontend with TVHeadEnd for over a year. No issues. I can record two shows at a time, watch a recording while two shows are recording, record one show while watching another show that is currently being recorded… it works fine. I’ve got the HDHomeRun wired direct ethernet to ethernet with the RPi3, and I’m using an external USB drive to store recordings.

I have been using a HDHomerun unit with various systems including the latest release of OSMC on a RPI3 and RPI2. If you just want to watch TV then if you just go to Add-ons/My Addons/PVR Clients/ you will see a long list of PVR add-ons-one of which is PVRHDHomeRun Cliet. Enable it and you are all set to watch TV–As one of the other persons said you can purchase PVR service from Silicon Dust for $60/year which I have heard works well. In that same list of add-ons you will also see Tvheadend HTSP Client-I will be enabling it myself to see how it works-let you know what my experience it. Other users in this thread have convinced me it works well.


I have a similar set up with TVHeadend and HDHomerun CONNECT tuners (HDHR4-2DT; I do not have the HDHomerun subscription). Both are enabled as PVR clients. How do you record TV programs? In my set up using the osmc UI on my TV monitor I see the TV channels (Freeview UK) but if I try to record a program I get the error no timer set. To record I have to go to the TVHeadend IP address on port 9981 and there I can manually add a program under the DVR tab. Doing this works fine but it would be better to use my CEC enabled remote on the TV on the osmc UI.