HDHomerun (unofficial) pvr app for kodi

I apologize in advance for a very Noobie question, but which of these download packages “should” work with the Vero 4k+?

None of the linux packages seem to work

I think it’s already included

I think it should under PVR add-on clients.


This isn’t the official “PVR” this is a DVR client that utilizes the HDHR DVR server on another device. It appears the built in one is for making the VERO the DVR and not connecting to the existing services on the network. If I’m not getting it straight I apologize

The HDHomerun is an external network device.
The add-on we include should allow you to connect to it over the network.

I think that’s the same as suggested originally in your post.


It’s unfortunately not the same. The builtin connects to the tuners direct. The unofficial app connects to the DVR server for feature proxy. Different usage applications. I’ve successfully moved to another Kodi box for now to keep the general users in the house happy. I’ll try this device out again at another time. Hopefully by then someone with more Linux experience already blazed the trail for me.

Got you.

You can use the Pi2/Pi3 for OSMC downloads. See Home · djp952/pvr.hdhomerundvr Wiki · GitHub. They will work on Vero 4K / 4K + as they use ARMv7 as well.

Let me know how you get on.


I got it, finally. I eventually threw in the towel and reloaded the 4K+ completely and it went right in. Something must have been messed up from the start I guess.

Works perfect too (wife approved). I’m going to give it a week and if it stays stable I’m ripping out all the Fire TV’s and putting this sucker on every TV in the house instead. The interface is so much better then HDHomeRuns native app.

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Glad to hear this