Hdmi Audio Issues - Pi3

Team, I have a pi3 with the latest December update of OSMC.

The output from the Pi3 is HDMI. It goes through my TV and the output is optical from the TV to the Denon amplifier. The Denon is an AVR-1802

The audio from any media is scratchy and pops both with voices and music.

The feedback sounds from the OSMC interface are all perfect. It seems it happens only with multimedia content.

I have tried turning off/on keep-alive, passthrough, stero upmix. Output config was Optimized and I changed to Best Matched.

I have a TiVO box with the same cabling setup and I control the output through which Input I choose on the TV, hdmi1 or hdmi2. I havent tried swapping them but the TiVO does not have any problems. I have had the TV and the TiVO for several years. The amp is about 15 yrs old.

I hope this gives you enough info. The sound is bearable and probably just a tweak somewhere.

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you, for you time!

  1. How does it sound if you don’t use the amplifier?
  2. Can you post debug logs, please? How to submit a useful support request


I went into the tv menu settings and it gave me the same issue.

I remembered reading and hearing that Samsung Tv’s default external sound sampler should be PCM.

I had it set to DTS3.1. Once it was changed to PCM I no longer had issues.

Thanks for the effort!

Have an awesome Friday before Friday!