Hdmi cable specs

Hi. Im wondering if the cable included with the vero 4k supports hdr or i should get a better one. Thanks.

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I don’t think OSMC would compromise their flagship device with a cheap cable.

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Let’s wait for the official reply anyway :wink:

I’m certain that in a thread from a couple months back here on the OSMC forums Sam said the included cable was nothing special, he called it a “cheap and cheerful” cable.


All functionality should work. It’s a very short cable however (0.8M) and is just a starter cable.

I have to admit I bought another hdmi after some troubles with CEC.
Every intermittent problem with images and CEC went away after installing an aftermarket hdmi cable.
Doesn’t have to cost 50 dollars. Mine were only $20,-
I can post a link, but it’s from a Dutch retailer, so might be not of much use.
Here you go : Cable

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Thanks everybody. I will just hook up a high speed cable, just in case.