HDMI cable supplied by Vero is not ideal

Yesterday my TV started giving me this message.
It still works but TV says it could be better.


What is the make and model of your device?
I’d be interested in knowing how they come to this conclusion.

Are you actually experiencing a problem with the supplied cable? If not – I suspect the cable is functioning fine.

Happy to send you a replacement if you’d like one anyway.



I have the Vero 4K+ that I ordered in mid July.
This started happening over the last few days.
I have no clue how the TV determines this.
The message pops up, I dismiss it and watch stuff.

No need to send a replacement. HDMI cables are cheap
and shipping would cost more than the cable.
TY for the offer though.

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I bet it’s a “cable-manufacture”-sponsored update of TV’s firmware =) or someone might have damaged the cable accidently? And not fessed up to it :slight_smile:

If you keep a can of electrical contact cleaner in your toolbox, a squirt of that each end can often help. Problems with the cable itself are most unlikely, unless you have rats.