Hi all,

I am trying to make a Pi 2, OSMC and HDMI-CEC work. I have an LG TV. The TV correctly detects the Pi, and I can use arrow keys and Enter; but no other buttons work (i.e. ‘Return’), so for instance, once I’m inside a menu, I cannot return or go up a level or return to the main menu in any way, so I have to turn off the TV and turn it on again (the Pi is running off the TV’s USB port, so conveniently turning the TV off reboots the Pi as well).

Is there any way to map keys, or should I try something? I am using the RC2 downloaded version of OSMC.


When you get a chance try searching the forum. There are quite a few threads regarding this topic.

This might be a good starting point:

I think LG has a very limited CEC support, not many buttons on the remote actually fire of an CEC command. You have to turn on the debug and look at the Kodi log to find out which key/button that actually sends an CEC command.

take a look in these threads for more information:
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I have a similar behavior on my LG TV with CEC, only up/down and enter works all other keys are not transmitted by CEC. But then I figured out when I press the simplink button and chose OSMC in there other buttons start to work. But only for a short while when then suddenly it falls back to only up/down and Enter.