HDMI CEC control volume with Pioneer VSX-924

I love the remote of the Vero 4K + :grin:

The only thing that really drives me nuts: I cannot control the volume of my AVR with it.

When enabled, my AVR shuts down when I reboot the Vero, so HDMI CEC is working.

I can see the events of the volumeup and volumedown button beeing pressed and released. I can see my devices with the cec-client on the osmc (even to fire TV Stick connected to my AVR). I have enable control and control mode on the HDMI setup of my AVR (https://www.pioneer-audiovisual.eu/sites/default/files/manuals/VSX-924-K_manual_ENpdf.pdf page 63).
Is there any option (GUI or config) I did not find and adjusted yet? Can I do more debugging?

With the exception of powering devices down or up, CEC is really meant to control devices such as the Vero with the AVR or TV remote, not control the AVR or TV with the Vero remote.

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I have found that whether CEC is enable or disabled, sometimes the remote controls the amp volume and sometimes it doesn’t! I feel like the Vero 4k is a 4-remote device. Other than that it’s great :slight_smile:

Are you sure about that? At another room I can adjust the Volume of the Panasonic soundbar of the TV with PVR’s remote control with CEC (it’s a linuxbased Dreambox). iirc there is even a setting on the Dreambox, which device should get the volumeinformation.

FWIW my Vero remote does control the AVR (Yamaha) volume which is fine in regular use but annoys me when I want to know/adjust Kodi’s volume setting. I can’t recall making any special settings to make this happen.

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More Info: Audio passthrough is enabled in Kodi. When pressing the buttons for volume up or down there even appears no GUI element in Kodi. But when pressing the Volume buttons on my Android Phone when Yatse is opened, the GUI element in Kodi appears and changes in the right direction. But my AVR does not alter the volume neither.

Maybe it’s a problem of the internal communication? AFAIK there are many things involved. At least these: Kodi, lirc, libcec

I’d never seen cec operate in that direction in my experience. Learned something new.

me too

CEC goes both ways and is bidirectional Consumer Electronics Control - Wikipedia.

Regarding your problem, it should work.
If you have pass through enabled, kodi isn’t able to tune the volume since it has no effect on the bitstream. You should see a information that you can’t control your volume level due to the audio passthrough. You sure you have passthrough enabled? You only see the kodi gui volume bar if the audio is processed in kodi iirc.

Besides shutting down, is your avr switching input channels if you power on the vero or if you switch to another channel and use the vero remote?

I am sure about passthrough, the AVR shows the used codec (e.g. DTS). When disabled it shows PCM.

That’s why I want the Vero to talk to the AVR via CEC, so the AVR’s volume is changed. That’s how it works with the Dreambox, it also uses passthrough.

Haven’t tested it this much. Power off worked, so I have the evidence CEC is working at some point. I can adjust settings for power on, switching inputs etc., but not for audio adjustment.

This should work without additional configuration, but as always CEC can be problematic.

Do you mean the Vero remote controls the AVR even when the Vero’s input is not selected? That would be counter-intuitive.

if cec is working, if you use the vero remote on osmc, it should detect activity and should switch back the the input where the vero is connected.

sounds all good to me. Since i have a denon avr I’m not sure how you could proceed further. Maybe someone with an identical setup can confirm that this should be a problem!?

Apologies! I’ve just checked and right now I’m getting the same behaviour as you on both Leia and Krypton. The remote is controlling the volume in Kodi, which has effect on PCM but no effect on passthrough. There are no warnings.

It wouldn’t surprise me if turning everything off and on again will change that and will try that later.

CEC is a dark art.


No, that is not what I meant. I was talking about the settings, I can adjust in the libcec settings in Kodi. I might have expected a similar setting regarding the volume control like I have it on my Dreambox.