HDMI CEC delay and double click issues since the Debian bullseye upgrade


I have a Vero 4K+, and since the Debian Bullseye upgrade a long while ago through the latest upgrade this month I have issues with HDMI CEC and my LG OLED55B8SLC 55-Inch Premium 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV (2018 Model) - currently latest version of WebOS is 05.50.15. I’m using the original HDMI cable comes with the Vero, original LG remote ( https://www.sjstv.co.uk/images/stories/virtuemart/product/lg_genuine_magic_remote_control_2018_models_an-mr18ba_akb75375501_aa_batteries.jpg ). It was very bad on Kodi v19 after upgrading to Debian Bullseye, after upgrading to Kodi v20 it got a bit better, but it was way better on Kodi v19 & earlier on Debian Buster, but I think the issues were there too. (Are there plans to upgrade to Debian Bookworm soon?)

The issues:

  1. Very regularly I have 3-6 sec delays from when I press the button on the TV remote, until something happens. I don’t seem to be able to pinpoint the cause, SD/HD/UHD/in menu idle/in menu screensaver it doesn’t matter, has been seen it before,
  2. Along with the above delay (maybe even a result of the delay) and also completely by itself I have double clicks even though I only click once on the LG remote. I don’t see this in the TV menu, so I don’t think it’s a remote issue. I can’t exclude the TV itself as a problem, like sending commands late can happen, or so… Sometimes the issue is that bad, that it takes 3-4 tries to pause a video, as it pauses it, then quickly unpauses it. - Also happens when I press the right arrow to jump 10s forward. It often jumps the 30s because of the double click, but sometimes to even 10 min (!!!).
  3. If I “cold” boot the Vero (powered off, then pulled from the mains, then plugged back in) when the TV is in standby or when the TV is on, but not on the correct HDMI input, the HDMI CEC sometimes doesn’t even work, restarting the mediacenter service (Kodi) doesn’t fix it, only when I reboot the whole Vero (that’s why I suspect it’s the HDMI CEC service/binary).
  4. If I don’t turn the Vero off, but I turn the TV off, then after some time I turn the TV back on, sometimes the HDMI CEC just doesn’t work, I need to reboot the whole Vero as mentioned above.
  5. Might not be related, but if I press that menu button under number 9 on the LG remote (see the pic of the remote: https://www.sjstv.co.uk/images/stories/virtuemart/product/lg_genuine_magic_remote_control_2018_models_an-mr18ba_akb75375501_aa_batteries.jpg ), it takes up to 10 seconds to load the LG Simplink menu, which has the options like in Kodi: Turn off, INFO, MENU, etc… Half of them don’t even work. So eg. there’s no context menu which makes me go back to Kore/Vero remote for that thing only.

Debug log: Kodi v20.2 on Vero 4K+ HDMI-CEC and AVI error - Pastebin.com - one example for the delay (nr. 1) at around 22:02, for delay and double click (nr 2.) at around 22:09.
3 & 4 are harder to catch as they are rarer. I can turn on debugging for 5 if you want.

Everything is fine through the Kore phone app or the Vero remote.

Does someone have a clue what can the issue be? The TV, the Debian HDMI-CEC package, the cable, Kodi? Is there any fix?


Uploading a partial log isn’t very useful, hard to say what the issue is.