HDMI CEC / HDMI Splitter


I recently purchase a HDMI splitter in order to connect my raspberry to my AV receiver for the music.

This allows me to watch TV/ use osmc without having turn on my AV receiver.

Since this purchase, it seems that CEC is not working anymore as my remote is no more working.

Note that the splitter manual says that is supports CEC.

is there a settings to allow CEC ?

Does log would be useful ?

I also tried to unplug all devices. but nothing happens …

thank you for your help

If CEC doesn’t work via the splitter then it is unlikely that anything can be done to get it working, despite the claims the splitter might have that it supports CEC.

CEC is problematic enough as it is without additional devices inserted in between Kodi and the TV which is doing who knows what to the signal.

As dbmandrake says not much hope, but one thing you could try testing first the two cables (too the splitter and from splitter to TV) directly between the Pi and the TV to exclude the cables as a source of failure

Yes good point, a splitter implies additional HDMI cables that weren’t there before - not all HDMI cables support CEC so you would want to first find two known good cables, by testing both cables one at a time directly from Pi to TV to make sure CEC works with them then use those two known good cables between Pi and splitter and splitter and TV.

Also after connecting the splitter you might want to completely power down your TV and Pi (turn them off at the wall) then first power on your TV then after the TV has started up power on the Pi.

If this still does not work after doing the above then you are probably out of luck.