HDMI CEC Issue (LG TV, RPi3, OSMC 2017-02)

Since updating from 2017-01 to 2017-02 I have had a strange change in CEC behaviour.

Every time I turn my TV on, after about 5 seconds, the TV switches to the RPi input (without any input or action on the OSMC system).

It didn’t do this prior to the 2017-02 update.

I’ve looked through the CEC settings in Kodi and I can’t see a setting that would explain this behaviour.

The attached debug log includes the following:

  1. Boot OSMC while TV is on and switched to the RPi HDMI input
  2. Switch TV input to ‘normal’ (broadcast) TV
  3. Turn TV off
  4. Turn TV on, wait for it to auto switch to Pi HDMI input
  5. Turn debug off and upload logs

Any ideas what I might need to change to get this back to the previous behaviour? I don’t want the TV to switch to the OSMC input every time the TV gets turned on.

I never turn off my Pi, it’s left running 24/7.


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