Hdmi cec issue on LG tv that exists everywhere


my issue is with cec and exists in every installation kodi receives signals through hdmi cec, from LG tv.
no matter if the installation of kodi is on windows with the USB hdmi cec adaptor or on raspberry.

the problem can be duplicate if in short time after kodi starts I press the left arrow. and only the left arrow as the 1st pressed key from remote. if I do that then by 50 percent kodi will freeze.
if I wait for a minute or two after kodi loads and I press left arrow then kodi works fine. also if right after kodi loads I press any other key than left then kodi does not hang and then works as it should.
so it happens only if right after kodi loads I press left and only left, by 50 percent chance.

I am not asking for a solution since this is not a problem that exists only in osmc, but in general up to my tests where ever kodi is installed and listens for hdmi cec.

what I am asking is the right direction to go for support. who is maintaining hdmi cec? how can I contact him?

thanks in advance.

Since you have found the problem to exist with kodi installations both with Raspberry Pi (possibly OSMC?) and Windows, you shouls first raise it with the kodi forum in the support section for ‘other OS’. You would do well to quote the TV/Monitor model(s), as that will be asked for.

i have found the problem existing on windows installation, osmc and openelec.

In all installations the results are exaclty the same.kodi freeze, but operating system responds in the background.

this is happening in 4 different lg tv’s i own. the tv models are quite different and one of them is quite brand new (lg is selling it for 6 months now).

Anyway mate really thanks for pointing to the right direction, i will start from there.

I guess pulseeight has nothing to do with this problem since even with kodi frozen cec commands do seem to pass when testing in the operating system.