HDMI CEC not passed though soundbar

Hello together,

i have purchased a LG Soundbar (DSP9YA) and connected my Vero4K+ to the Input of the Soundbar. Everything works fine, but the controls from my TV remote are not working. It seems that the CEC is not correctly passed thorugh. Kodi is also not going in standby when turning of the TV. When it was connected directly to the TV it works.
What am i missing here?


You might check the soundbar settings. Sometimes you have to enable things like CEC on the soundbar to get CEC to passthrough everywhere.

That was the first thing i checked. After i have configured on my LG TV the Soundbar input to a Lultimedia System, the Vero registers the CEC Signals when turning the TV off (Vero goes into Standby) and turning TV on (Vero turns on too). But still no button inpouts are registered. I have tryed Keymap Editor but here also no BUtton inputs are registered.

Did you tried to power down (unplug power) all devices for a few minutes?

i have found the solution in the holy archives.
Vero 4k and LG OLED Remote Control - Help and Support / Vero 4K / Vero 4K + - OSMC Forums
LG is doing some autoconfiguration in the background and its a pain in the a** to unlearn it and make the setting “universal”

Thanks for your help. Issue can be closed

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