HDMI-CEC not working any more

Hi there.

I have a vero4k+.
When I first set it up a few weeks ago, I had it attached to the TV through a Pulse Eight HDMI-CEC adapter. This worked.

A week later, assuming I actually didn’t need the adapter, I disconnected it. No problem, I could still control my vero4k+ with the TV remote. Great !

This week, after it has been working fine for many weeks, suddenly the TV remote does not respond anymore and at booting vero, I get an error ‘failed to initialise CEC adapter Pulse Eight…’.

I tried disconnecting everything, powering off and finally, formatting the vero4k+ but without success.

What else can I try?


Can you try power everything off (TV, AVR etc) off at the mains for a minute?


Hi Sam, this is one of the first things I tried before formatting.


Please upload some logs so we can see what the issue is

Can you also try another hdmi port on your display


Changing hdmi port to no avail.


The log file is empty. try to reboot before uploading


Please enable debugging and upload logs again.
Also did you crosscheck that you didn’t disable any CEC settings on OSMC?

Libcec is enabled by default and should be working by default, no?
I checked the plugin and it is enabled.
Here are the logs with debugging enabled: https://paste.osmc.tv/iwonugupij

Yes it is enabled by default but doesn’t mean it can’t be disabled or misconfigured.
Check under Settings->System->Input->Peripherals->CEC Adapter

From your logs all looks normal, while there seems to be no CEC commands being recieved.

I did check this and it is enabled.
I was looking into TV updates but the last update seems to be from 2 months ago when it was still working.

After disabling, re-enabling, rebooting TV and osmc a bunch of times suddenly it worked. :face_with_monocle:

Remarkable: the status of the CEC adapter in osmc at one point changed to ‘unknown’ and after I rebooted it worked.

Very annoying, had to format my whole system and I still don’t know know whether it’s the TV or osmc (or both)