HDMI-CEC not working (Sony Bravia)


Vero 4K + user here, using latest OSMC which comes with libCEC 4.0.4 (firmware v5). I can’t get my Sony Bravia Z9D’s remote working - it was fine with my previous Raspberry Pi + LibreELEC. I’ve tried playing around with the settings (HDMI port number and physical address), without any improvement. My OSMC is connected (via a HDMI switch) to my Denon AVR-X3500H, so I changed the “Connected to HDMI device” option to “Amplifier / AVR device”. When I press the TV remote’s volume buttons, it changes the receiver’s volume, so something is working…

But typing dmesg | grep -i cec in the console returns zero matches. Does this mean something is not loading? I am currently using the Vero remote, does this disable CEC in some way?

I’ve uploaded a log here in case it’s of some use. OSMC remote isn’t bad but it would be nice to be able to type numbers in directly etc. Thanks for any advice!


Test without the switch?


I had to send CEC broadcast request commend from the TV itself, SONY, then the TV recognized all devices connected via Denon amp and now I’m able to control all without any issues.


Yes, doesn’t work either unfortunately.


You mean the “enable” option under Bravia Sync menu? This is something else that I tried but that didn’t work :unamused:


First thing I would have tried would have been to shut down all devices, then actually remove power from them all by unplugging from mains, completely boot all devices in the chain with the Vero being booted only after all other devices are up and on the correct input.


yes, had a look last night, it’s the Bravia sync option, once I hit this button TV starts search over HDMI for connected devices. Once it’s finished it lists all devices; 4 in my case. And all 4 are working sound including my vero box


Thanks for the suggestion, I just tried that but of course it still didn’t work. I think this is more than a HDMI issue. Shouldn’t I be seeing something CEC-related in dmesg output?


Are you using the same hdmi cables are you were with the Pi? Not all cables support CEC and I have heard of some cables that should support it just now working (or go bad so they stop working). I don’t think CEC is supported in a particularly robust manner. Also is there something out of the ordinary about your setup. Why are you using a switcher in the first place instead of switching in the AVR. Perhaps you have another device that is in conflict?


Try another HDMI cable.


So that I can run my Vero and (very occasionally) my Raspberry Pi, which handles 3D movies better…


I’m using pretty high quality cables from Monoprice: http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15428 so I can’t see how that would be an issue?


Have you tried removing the Pi and switcher to see if it works without them? It seems plausible that your TV might be having issues with two different OSMC devices being connected at the same time.

As for the cables, I don’t think it really matters how trustworthy/expensive/whatever as they can still have flaws. I have had cables that work perfect on one device and have issues with another. They can be quite finicky. Swapping cables out to test is usually a good place to start even when you trust the cables and they don’t show a defect.