Got my device a few weeks ago. Software is uptodate.

And i have now Problems with CRC if the VERO-Box is connected via HDMI.
If i view SAT and switch over to Netflix app (served from the TV) the picture is switching, but the receiver did not switch to TV as actual sound-source. It stays on the old SAT-Sound-Source.
If i unplug the VERO-device everything is fine again.
If i plug it in and switch manually to the right sound-source i also can not use the remote-control of the TV to change volume as usual.
So i need to unplug the VERO-box from the receiver to work the other components.
Any hints?
Before the VERO i had a “mede8er - MED600X3D” (without CRC-or HDMI-Problems) but this device is not able to play 4k so i like to have a other device.

You can adjust CEC Settings under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC (in particular, Active Source settings).

There may also be some settings on your receiver which can be adjusted.