HDMI-CEC seems to stop working after a couple of hours

I updated yesterday on my 4k and now with my LG WebOS TV the HDMI-CEC seems to stop working every couple of hours requiring a reboot.

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Have you tried powering everything off at the mains for a minute?

I havn’t. but i will in the morning.

Thank you for the tip.

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Yea this last update has not been fun, it broke Plex which we just got a quick zip file fix for and after some help from support to get that fixed I did notice my logitech remote stoped working using HDMI-CEC, then after about 10 mins of using the external remote HDMI-CEC started working on my logitech again.

It seems HDMI-CEC is a little wonky and flakey after this last Sept update. I hope nothing else odd crops up from this update.

So i’ve powered off everything at the socket (TV and Vero) and the problem unfortunately persists.

Then you know what we need as the next step…

Confirming this. HDMI-CEC is broken on my LG TV. Kinda hijacks the system unfortunately and so only option is to unplug the Vero.

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I’ll try and get you some logs this evening… i noticed this morning it hadn’t happened so it might only occur if content is being watched

Hi, also experiencing issues with HDMI-CEC.
Samsung TV / Yamaha SoundBar.
HDMI-CEC stops working and also causes a device (Vero) crash seems to be after few hours regardless of content played or not…
Will also try get some logs submitted a.s.a.p.

Logs submitted by DM

Unfortunately without any logs I don’t really have anything to go on.

The same problem here, with an LG C8 (WebOS) TV. TV is connected to an Onkyo receiver, which in turn is connected to the Vero. CEC breaks entirely after a few hours, also causing my receiver not to turn on/off anymore in sync with my TV. Rebooting Kodi fixes it.

If @damned is unable to provide a log I can try to get one, too.

Has anyone managed to reproduce this with a simple set-up, i.e. Vero → TV; without other peripherals on the CEC bus (other devices or an AVR)?

Mine is simply Vero 4k straight to T… i have nothing else attached to the TV except an Xbox which is powered off.

Can you try unplug the Xbox completely?

I can produce some test builds, but I am guessing blindly currently as to what the issue is.

I guess so… i’ve just started debug logging so i should have some logs for you soon ish

So… typically i’ve had debug running all night… watched a couple of hours TV and it’s not happened…

Another one here with HDMI switching and CEC issues since the latest update.

I have my Vero 4K connected to a 2016 Denon AVR (along with a few other CEC-enabled devices) and then into my 2016 Sony TV (on its HDMI ARC port). It’s been working beautifully and been stable for a very long time til now.

Symptoms for me are actually varied but all connected to HDMI switching/CEC (and only just started after the latest update). I have had all of the following at least once since I updated:

  • Total inability to connect to the Vero 4K source via my AVR - just a blank screen when I select it despite it being on/available over SSH
  • The Vero 4K not even showing up as an available device to switch to on the TV
  • Being able to connect/select the Vero 4K source via the TV/AVR but then having no CEC control abilities using the TV remote
  • A sort of hijack of the TV where I cannot then select the AVR as the audio output device for ANY connected device from the TV menus and internal speakers used instead
  • The Vero 4K otherwise hijacking the TV entirely stopping other CEC devices from communicating properly

All behaviours are cured when the Vero is rebooted - sometimes it’s been necessary to reboot the AVR/TV additionally esp. in the last two behaviours. I have found the issues will return after a time but it’s hard to determine exactly when - it could be in a few hours or not until the next day. This also makes capturing debug logs difficult. I can always try leaving the debug settings on for a long time as necessary if it does it again.

Since I have always been able to access it over SSH even when it’s misbehaving is there a way of turning on debug logging via the CLI perhaps?

I’ve produced some test builds which might solve the problem (can’t reproduce here); but unfortunately haven’t had any feedback yet.

Without any logs or testing it’s hard to progress on this issue.

Great - thanks Sam - I understand the frustration not having the logs - it would be the first thing I asked for too if debugging something!

Presumably the test builds are in the staging repo “deb http://apt.osmc.tv bullseye-devel main”?

Will def. try that out (and also see if I can capture a debug log - knowing how to set that logging up from the CLI rather than having to try to do it once it’s already happened might be useful.

I have a specific USB build which you can try. I’ve sent you a link.