HDMI-CEC seems to stop working after a couple of hours

Which disk image works without this issue?

On the downloads page there is these options:


How do you download the March 2022 version?


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That’s the RPi image I believe. The one for the Vero 4K/4K+ is here: https://ftp.fau.de/osmc/osmc/download//installers/diskimages/OSMC_TGT_vero3_20220314.img.gz

After installation/first run, you should also aim to comment out the “deb http://apt.osmc.tv buster main” line in your /etc/apt/sources.list too so that you don’t accidentally accept any further updates if you want to stay on this older release…


I can confirm that the Aug 2023 release does not fix the CEC problems I am experiencing on the Vero 4K+.

I have recently started testing a Vero V connected to the same TV as the Vero 4K+. So far I have not noticed any CEC lockups caused by the Vero V, but I did notice the frequency of lockups has increased considerably when both Vero 4K+ and Vero V are connected to the same TV. Where previously I’d get one lockup every 1-3 days pretty regularly, in the past 24h since adding the Vero V I have had 4 lockups. Each time it happened after a few hours of standby (TV off, both Vero 4K+ and V powered on as normal). Once it also happened while I was using the TV, switching sources back and forth between Vero 4K+ and Vero V. The only way to recover from the lockups was to power off the Vero 4K+, at which point the Vero V and everything else would start to work normally.

My setup:

  • TV: Samsung QE75QN95B
  • HDMI port 1: Vero 4K+ using 48 Gbps cable
  • HDMI port 2: Vero V using 48 Gbps cable
  • HDMI port 3: Soundbar Samsung Q800B using “High Speed” cable
  • HDMI port 4: Playstation 4 slim (always powered off, never used)

For now I have removed the Vero 4K+ and will use it as a spare until this problem is fixed or I find the time to downgrade to the March 2022 version.

To clarify: your Vero V is not affected but your 4K/4K+ is on the same TV using the same HDMI cable and ports?


I don’t have any evidence that the Vero V is causing the CEC lockups I saw over the past day. I had the 2 Veros connected to the same TV and the frequency of CEC lockups increased considerably. When I shut down the Vero 4K+ everything recovered automagically. This led me to believe the problem continues to be with the Vero 4K+ and not the new Vero V. Please see my previous post on the connections when the problems occurred.

I have now removed the Vero 4K+ and moved the Vero V to HDMI port 1 (where the 4K+ used to be connected). I don’t expect any CEC problems with the Vero V, but I will update the thread if I observe anything interesting.

Can you update if you don’t get problems as well?

One week later, no CEC issues with the Vero V.

CEC works a little bit differently on Vero V (V has ceca/cecb)
This gives me some further ideas.

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