HDMI-CEC seems to stop working after a couple of hours

Which disk image works without this issue?

On the downloads page there is these options:


How do you download the March 2022 version?


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That’s the RPi image I believe. The one for the Vero 4K/4K+ is here: https://ftp.fau.de/osmc/osmc/download//installers/diskimages/OSMC_TGT_vero3_20220314.img.gz

After installation/first run, you should also aim to comment out the “deb http://apt.osmc.tv buster main” line in your /etc/apt/sources.list too so that you don’t accidentally accept any further updates if you want to stay on this older release…


I can confirm that the Aug 2023 release does not fix the CEC problems I am experiencing on the Vero 4K+.

I have recently started testing a Vero V connected to the same TV as the Vero 4K+. So far I have not noticed any CEC lockups caused by the Vero V, but I did notice the frequency of lockups has increased considerably when both Vero 4K+ and Vero V are connected to the same TV. Where previously I’d get one lockup every 1-3 days pretty regularly, in the past 24h since adding the Vero V I have had 4 lockups. Each time it happened after a few hours of standby (TV off, both Vero 4K+ and V powered on as normal). Once it also happened while I was using the TV, switching sources back and forth between Vero 4K+ and Vero V. The only way to recover from the lockups was to power off the Vero 4K+, at which point the Vero V and everything else would start to work normally.

My setup:

  • TV: Samsung QE75QN95B
  • HDMI port 1: Vero 4K+ using 48 Gbps cable
  • HDMI port 2: Vero V using 48 Gbps cable
  • HDMI port 3: Soundbar Samsung Q800B using “High Speed” cable
  • HDMI port 4: Playstation 4 slim (always powered off, never used)

For now I have removed the Vero 4K+ and will use it as a spare until this problem is fixed or I find the time to downgrade to the March 2022 version.

To clarify: your Vero V is not affected but your 4K/4K+ is on the same TV using the same HDMI cable and ports?


I don’t have any evidence that the Vero V is causing the CEC lockups I saw over the past day. I had the 2 Veros connected to the same TV and the frequency of CEC lockups increased considerably. When I shut down the Vero 4K+ everything recovered automagically. This led me to believe the problem continues to be with the Vero 4K+ and not the new Vero V. Please see my previous post on the connections when the problems occurred.

I have now removed the Vero 4K+ and moved the Vero V to HDMI port 1 (where the 4K+ used to be connected). I don’t expect any CEC problems with the Vero V, but I will update the thread if I observe anything interesting.

Can you update if you don’t get problems as well?

One week later, no CEC issues with the Vero V.

CEC works a little bit differently on Vero V (V has ceca/cecb)
This gives me some further ideas.


So is there a fix for Vero 4k+ or we still need to stay on the old build?

Covered above, no changes to report yet.

I updated from the May 2023 release to the current release, since then I have a similar issue, with a cheap “Reflexion” branded TV and a Vero4k since the last update:
After turning the TV in standby mode and turning it on again, CEC does not work any more, and the TV does no longer show the Vero in the “List of CEC devices”.
I did not change anything in the TV’s settings. Kodi is configured to ignore TV poweroff.
After restarting Kodi it works again. For some hours. No reboot required.

There are some suspicious cectx c810023c.aocec: CEC framework ctrl disabled, cectx c810023c.aocec: CEC framework ctrl disabled messages in dmesg.

Vero 4k+ CEC problem still there on the new Dec 2023 update.

Rebooting the Vero or going into settings and disabling CEC then re-enabling again gets it going again.
I need to do that using the Kodi remote app on my iPhone as the Vero remote stopped working a few years ago… which I wasn’t too worried about as CEC worked fine for normal use… until it too broke!

I’ve back ported all of the possible changes and improvements to HDMI for the GXL platform.

Fortunately most users have reported improvements, but there are still some inconsistencies in the reports which makes it harder to chase further problems down.

ok, update on symptoms since the Dec 2023 update.
I’ve realised today that the Vero 4k+ CEC issue isn’t locking up the CEC for other devices anymore.
But CEC on the Vero is still failing and simply disabling and re-enabling the CEC driver doesn’t bring it back, the Vero 4k+ now needs a reboot (via the Kodi app on my iPhone) to get it back.

I haven’t changed CEC at all in the last update.

I take it back. It has just started causing CEC issues for other devices again…
Pulling the power cable out of the Vero instantly sorts that again. Such a shame as I need to keep it unplugged to stop it messing up everything else.

I tend to disable CEC alltogether. Usually, it is not the vero messing with CEC but the other equipments which have bad implementations.

…except everything works perfectly on the March 2022 update, but for me (and a bunch of others) something in the subsequent update after March '22 (and all ones that have followed) has caused the Vero to misbehave after an unspecified period of uptime leading to a variety of behaviours such as:

  • CEC control of the Vero suddenly stopping working (and sometimes other HDMI/CEC-enabled devices connected to the same TV or AVR stop being able to be CEC-controlled too).
  • The Vero disappearing or otherwise not being selectable from the connected TV/AVR’s input list
  • Audio from the Vero (if connected via an AVR) not being output
  • etc.

Affected AV stacks/TVs can always be cured instantly by either power-cycling the Vero or restarting the Vero’s mediacenter service over SSH but it will always reoccur eventually.

After the Xmas break (whilst my Vero and other AV devices are in heavy use by non-techies whilst I may not be there to assist so I cannot afford for them to go wrong!) I will try the very latest December '23 update to see exactly what symptoms still persist and see if I can help debug once again…

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Unfortunately the update after March 2022 was when we moved to a significantly newer kernel. What’s odd is I did revert the CEC implementation to this known working version but we got mixed reports. To me this suggests the issue may not be directly in the CEC driver but possibly on the HDMITX driver itself.

That is where I will look next. I’m also more inclined to blame this section because the Vero V does not seem to be affected at all by the CEC issues reported here, but the CEC implementation is the same.