HDMI-CEC stopped unexpectedly

Hi, yesterday I switched to Kodi 18 following the official guide. Everything went fine as I was using the RB3 with Kodi 18 for almost 2 hours without any problem. Today I tried to overclock my pi a little bit, but it failed to start so I had to put the sd card in my Mac and reset the boot config to default. It returned to its normal functionality apart from the CEC functionality - it does not work any longer! The TV does not see OSMC as a HDMI-CEC device. I tried resetting the PI and TV by disconnecting it from the socket for 10 minutes, what’s more I even put my old sd card inside PI and it still did not recognise my remote (CEC).

Is there anything more I can do?

PS Underneath there is a log from Libcec echo: Logs